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Zangle's Teacher Connection is your gateway to taking attendance, post grades, and view student profiles. The only things you have to do is take attendance every period and post your grades every grading period. Whether or not you use the other options is up to you.


Teacher Connection is a secure website that requires a user name and password to login. It is extremely important to keep your password absolutely private and secure. You can change your password at the log on screen. You will need to do this every few months.

On the internet, go to: https://dwa.sis.sandi.net/zangleconnect/

(notice the "s" after http above)

Type in your "employee ID" for your user name and your private Zangle password you have created and click on login.


Click here for a full district Tutorial for taking attendance. (there is a sound feature)


Each period you will be taking attendance on-line during the first 10 minutes of the period. After you login, click on the "Attendance" Tab.

Make sure you have the correct date selected.


Select your class and follow the steps below. If you have more than one section in a period, you may want to check the little box "By period" next to your select class option. This will list all of your classes by period rather than by section/period.

If a student comes in after you have already posted your attendance or if you wish to change something, just go back into the attendance screen, make the changes and click on "Post" again.

You will need to sign an attendance slip each week (provided by the office) to authenticate your attendance.

Seating Charts:

If you choose, you can have Teacher Connection create a seating chart. From the seating chart, you can take roll or access student contacts.

Click on the "Seating Chart" tab.

You can design your seating chart in just about any formation as you wish. Teacher Connection automatically gives you a grid after you select how many rows and how many columns. By filling in only the seats you wish, you can create different formations according to your room setup. For example, you can set up group tables of 4, or seats around a perimeter, etc.


Grade Posting:

Each 6 grading period you will need to post your grades. No more bubble sheets, you will do it from Teacher Connection, on-line.

Posting from Zangle Gradebook:

The easiest way is if you are using Zangle Gradebook, you can post your grades directly from there and then will only have to enter citizenship grades and comments. To do this;

While logged into Zangle Gradebook, click on the "Post/Calc Marks" tab and you can import the academic grades directly.

Posting by Hand:

To post your grades by hand, log on as usual and click on the "Marks" tab.

The site tech will inform you when the window is open to import grades. It should be the week prior to the end of the grading period. The students who are in your class will appear and need a grade.

Select the class/period you wish to mark.

Select a "Grading Period."

You will see the screen below.

Turn on "Caps Lock."

Enter the Academic and citizenship grades for each student.

You can enter up to 4 comments per student.

Do not enter any notes, they will not be printed.

When finished, click on the "Submit" button and you will receive the message; "Changes were successfully posted."

If you don't finish, simply click on the submit button to save what you have done, come back later to finish, then click on "submit" again to update.

If you need to change a grade, change it and click on "Submit." You may re-submit grades as many times as you wish within the time window set up by the site tech.

Report of Grades:

You probably will want to print out a hard copy of your grades once they have been entered. To do this,

  1. Click on the "Reports" tab.
  2. Click on the "Class Marks Listing" button
  3. Choose the semester or grading period.
  4. Enter the same date.
  5. Then click on the "Get Report" button.
  6. Print your hard copy.

Student Profiles:

Student Profile allows you to view profile data for any student you teach, such as; demographics, school, contacts, schedule, attendance, grades, GPA, behavior, etc.

To access Student Profiles, click on the "Profile" link in the top right corner of your window. (it is not one of the tabs)

Select a student from available students that you wish to get information on. (you can only get info on students that you have)

Then make a selection of the type of student information you wish.

ParentConnect-Class News:

The easiest way to keep parents up to date on homework and class assignments is to use the "Class News" feature on Teacher Connect. Any parent who has signed up for "Parent Connect" can view your class messages which you can edit and upload as often as you wish.

After you have logged into "Teacher Connect," click on the "Class News" tab

Click on the "Edit" button:


Change the message, dates, and period choices, then "Submit."

If you have a teacher webpage, you might just want to make a link from Parent Connect-Class messages to your website and leave it set for the entire year. To do so:

In the description message box, type in the following code (exactly) except replace the red portion with your own website address.

See teacher <a href="http://www.lewis.edu/yourname/teachpage/homework.htm">website</a>



Zangle Gradebook click here.

Logging Out:

Each time you are finished using Teacher Connection, always Log Out by clicking on the "Log Out" link in the top right corner or the window. You should not just close the window or go to file, quit.

If you leave Teacher Connection open for longer than 15 minutes without using it, it will time itself out automatically. This is for security purposes. You must log back in.

Never walk away from your computer while logged in for obvious security reasons.

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